Police Reports

In accordance with Colorado Revised Statute 24-72-305.5(1) Records of official actions and criminal justice records and the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and other information in such records shall not be used by any person for the purpose of soliciting business for pecuniary gain. The official custodian shall deny any person access to records of official actions and criminal justice records unless such person signs a statement which affirms that such records shall not be used for the direct solicitation of business for pecuniary gain.

All requests for Police Reports must have a signed Criminal Justice Records Request Form that affirms the aforementioned information before any records will be released.

All Criminal Justice Records may be requested in-person at the Kersey Town Hall, located at 446 1st Street in Kersey, CO 80644 or you may download the form here and submit it by mail to Kersey Police Department Records Section PO Box 657 Kersey, CO 80644 or by submitting the form by Email at hcurtis@Kerseygov.com. Any requests for Records by mail or email are required to also submit a copy of a valid identification of the requestor. This will only be used to verify the signature of the requestor and for no other purpose. Any request for records WILL BE DENIED without this signed and verified affirmation.

***Effective August 1st, 2020***

The Kersey Police Department will be switching to the State of Colorado State Traffic Accident Report System (STARS). After August 1st, please submit requests for traffic accident reports to the Town of Kersey front desk until the new online system is running. Until August 1st, reports can still be found on the LexisNexis portal listed below. 

 Online Traffic Accident Reports may also be obtained through the LexisNexis portal, which can be found here.  Additional restrictions may apply to the online request. If you are unable to access the Traffic Accident Report through this online system due to their restrictions, you may request a copy through the Kersey Police Department directly as outlined above.

The Kersey Police Department, in accordance with 24-72-302 C.R.S. will make available for inspection of any Criminal Justice Records in our possession within three (3) business days, but no later than ten (10) business days after such request is received, unless extenuating, special restrictions or privileged information exist with the requested record, at which the requestor will be notified in writing of such action or denial.

Further, in accordance with 24-72-306 C.R.S., the Kersey Police Department may set reasonable fees and costs to provide these records to the requestor and may require the fees and costs to be paid in advance before such records are released to the requestor. Fees and costs associated with each record is outlined on the Request Form.

Any request for Body Camera Footage or Photographs may or may not be in the possession of the Kersey Police Department. Depending on the nature of the incident for each video and photograph recorded by our officers, is on a very strict retention schedule. We do not retain videos or photographs indefinitely of every contact or incident. Some of these videos and photographs may only be retained as short as thirty (30) days and possibly as long as ten (10) years, again depending on the nature of the incident involved. The same extenuating, special restrictions or privileged information conditions apply with videos and photographs as do with written records. If you do request a video or photograph of an incident and it is available, you may be required to inspect the materials prior to release to insure that the requested materials are what you require or need. You cannot take photographs or videos while inspecting these materials. Additional fees and costs may be necessary for videos and photographs.     

If you have any questions please contact the Deputy Town Clerk, Haley Curtis at 970-353-1681 ext. 4.