Court Room Rules

Please be aware of, and adhere to, the following rules when attending Kersey Municipal Court:
1. Dress in modest casual or professional attire (sleeves are required),
2. Clothing which contains offensive language and/or offensive pictures are not permitted,
3. Shoes are required at all times,
4. Hats and/or sunglasses are not to be worn in the Court Room,
5. Do not bring or eat food,
6. Chewing gum is not permitted,
7. Cell phones, pagers, and/or any other electronic devices must be turned OFF,
8. Be prepared for any item brought into the Court Room to be screen and/or confiscated, 
9. If you are a minor you MUST be accompanied by a parent,
10. During the COVID-19 pandemic, parents of minors and legal council are the only persons that will be allowed to accompany the defendant.