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Posted on: December 21, 2017

Tiered Water Rates in 2018

Glass of Drinking Water

At the November 2017, the Kersey Town Board adopted Ordinance 2017-0016 which establishes a tiered water rate plan starting in 2018. The rate structure does not call for an increase in the base rate. Most residential users currently have a 5/8" tap. The adopted rate structure is as follows:

Base rates:

       Base Rate 5/8" Tap$23.84
       Base Rate 3/4" Tap$35.28
       Base Rate 1" Tap$58.80
       Base Rate 1 1/2" Tap$117.60
       Base Rate 2" Tap$205.80
       Base Rate 3" Tap$352.79
       Base Rate 4" Tap and aboveTBD by engineering

User Rates (per 1000 gallons):

User Rates (Residential)
     0-16000 gallons$2.95
     16001-22500 gallons$4.43
     22501 and over$6.65
User Rates (Commercial/Industrial)
     Flat rate per 1000 gallons$3.69

Historically, most users use less than 16,000 gallons per month and will experience very little difference in their monthly bill. Individuals who exceed this amount will pay for the excess accordingly. As expected, the highest demand for water occurs during the summer months for landscape/turf irrigation purposes. This rate structure encourages users to be conscious of the water they use and to plant accordingly. The Town does not regulate well water use nor does the Town meter well water. 

All commercial/industrial/school users will pay the same base rate as before and a flat rate of $3.69 per 1000 gallons regardless of use.

The tiered rate system will take effect at the end of the December 2017 thru January 2018 billing cycle. This spring, watch for the Town to release a guide and tips for decreasing water consumption. Please contact Town staff with any questions you may have!

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