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Kersey Holiday Festival 2020 Parade Reservation Form

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  2. Parade Rules and Regulations:

    No parade awards will be given out for this event; please decorate your entry in the spirit of Christmas and the Holiday season to bring cheer to those spectating at the event. The Town of Kersey will provide the ONLY live Santa Clause; the Platte Valley Fire District will provide the Color Guard; and our Kersey Police will conclude the parade with lights and sirens. Gifts, candy or tracts may be handed out by those walking on foot only; DO NOT throw anything from moving vehicles. We ask that those handing out items also consider wearing a mask and gloves. Christmas or Holiday music can be played from your entry; please be considerate of the entries nearest you in regard to the volume of your music. All animals need to be either 'leashed' or 'ridden' during the entirety of the parade; no loose animals allowed. Check in for parade line up will be anytime between 3pm-4:45pm at the Platte Valley Middle School Parking Lot; line up instructions will be sent to entries the week before the event. During the parade please maintain a speed of 3-5 MPH depending upon the entries around. Make sure to keep a safe distance between the entry in front and behind you. Any participant standing or sitting on a float or vehicle must remain there the entire time; DO NOT get off and on a moving vehicle during the parade!

  3. Rules and Regulations Agreement:*

    Please check here AFTER reading the Rules and Regulations to certify you will abide by those items listed.

  4. Parade Line-Up/Staging Information:

    Parade participants may begin lining up at the Platte Valley Middle School parking lot at 3pm. Line-up/staging assignments will be given to participants no later than the week before the event. Please park extra vehicles in the overflow parking at the stadium and middle school football field gravel parking lot

  5. Route Information:

    Parade participants will enter West Clark St. out of the PVS parking lot/bus line; continue West to Main St. (1st St.); turn South on Main St. (1st St.) and continue South on Main St. (1st St.); turn East on Trumbull St. Here the parade 'technically' ends with Santa Clause being dropped off at Town Hall; however, all vehicles and floats should continue on Trumbull St. to 5th St. and then back to the Platte Valley Middle School parking lot.

  6. Town of Kersey Police will be escorting parade participants and blocking road closures for the route. Upon passing Kersey Town Hall, please slow pace of travel so spectators may view your entry. Upon returning to the staging area, please clean up any mess left behind during preparations and set up. Please check the map attached that indicates staging, parking and set up area.

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