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Volunteer Coach Application

  1. This name will be used for your background check, so please make sure it is written in its entirety (no nicknames) and is accurate.

  2. Text Messaging*
    Will you accept text messages?
  3. Text Messaging*
    Will you accept text messages
  4. Preferred Practice Days*

    Please select your preferred practice days (at least 2, but as many as apply).

  5. Preferred Practice Times*

    Please select your preferred practice time (at least one, but as many as apply).

  6. Will you be coaching with another person? If so, please list their name here so we can coordinate team information. 

  7. Concussion Certification and Additional Information

    To complete your volunteer coaching application, you must submit a certificate indicating completion of the concussion course listed below. Please send the certificate to

    Following your application, you will receive an email from Employers Council for completion of the background check.

    It is your responsibility to complete these items prior to the start of the season for which you are applying. Questions and concerns can be sent via email to Brandon Unruh, Recreation Director, at the email address listed above.

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