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Parade/Street Closure Permit

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  2. Number of vehicles in parade, vendors booths, etc.
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  4. Parade/Street Closure Permit Information:
    The Town of Kersey hereby grants permission to hold and conduct a parade, procession or other event upon a selected portion of public streetways in the Town of Kersey. This permit is subject to the following conditions: 1) No portion of the parade shall be permitted to travel on 1st St. or Hill St. 2) No portion of the parade shall be allowed to travel on Highway 34. 3) Parade shall not be held after sunset. 4) There shall be a lead and chase vehicle provided. 5) Children stationed on moving vehicles shall be stationary and under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times. 6) No candy, or any other object, shall be 'thrown' to spectators from a moving vehicle. Any objects distributed by members of a parade group must be handed out along the parade route. 7) All parade participants, vendors or stations set up on portions of the public street must allow ample space for emergency vehicles to access roadways. 8) All trash and equipment used during the event must be removed upon completion of the event end time. 9) All street markings must be approved by the Town of Kersey; no spray paint or any material that will 'stain' the public roadways is allowed. 10) Event signs CANNOT be attached to any public street or Town sign posts or panels; all event signs must have stand on their own posts or stands.
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