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Business License

  1. Business License Application and Renewal

    Business License and Sales Tax License are $25 each According to SB22-032, those businesses without a physical presence within the... More…

Community Events

  1. Carve: A Halloween Pumpkin Fest

    Join us at the Kersey Community Center on Saturday October 28th, 2022 for an evening filled with pumpkin carving, crafts and snacks. ... More…


  1. Town of Kersey Park Bench Donation

    The Town invites residents to participate in the Park Bench Donation Program to enhance our community by improving our parks and... More…

Kersey Recreation

  1. Volunteer Coach Application

    If you are interested in volunteer coaching any of our youth sports programs please fill out this application. Once an application is... More…


  1. Potholes

    Report a Pothole

Parade/Street Closure Permit

  1. Parade/Street Closure Permit

    This form should be filed by anyone wishing to conduct a parade on Town streets or close a portion of public roadway in order to... More…

Park Shelter Reservation

  1. Park Shelter Reservation Permit Application

    We have three shelters available for reservation, the shelter at Kohler Park, the pavilion at Centennial Park, and the picnic shelter... More…

Pet License

  1. Dog Licenses

    Dog licenses are required for dogs who are 6 months or older. Cost is $10.00 for altered dogs and $20.00 for unaltered dogs. Proof of... More…

Sales Tax License

  1. Sales Tax License Application and Renewal

    Sales Tax License fee $25 annually With the passage of SB22-032, those businesses without a physical presence within the Kersey... More…