Do you need a building permit for a hot water heater?
Yes. Anytime you are doing anything with the plumbing or electrical you are required to get a permit, as there will be an inspection done that you will need to have signed off on.
Does the town require a fence permit?
Yes. The Code does list specific materials allowed to build fences and a drawing is required to make sure you are staying within your property lines and setbacks.
Are you allowed to reserve the parks?
Yes. There is a fee and a damage deposit required when filling out the reservation form. Please keep in mind that when renting the park you are only reserving the picnic pavilions, not the entire park.
Does the Town require dog licenses?
Yes, you are required to provide proof of rabies vaccinations to obtain a dog license. They are good for the calendar year.
Does the Town rent out the Community Center?
Yes, there is a fee and damage deposit required. A form needs to be filled out at Town Hall.
Is there a Notary at Town Hall?
Yes there is. We offer free notary services to our residents.
Are there any watering restrictions?
Not at this time however that can change at any time if there is a water shortage. We will give notice if restrictions would go into effect. At this time we ask that you do not water during the hot part of the day.