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Register Your Bike

Register Your Bike

From the National Bike Registry Page, click the "Register Your Bike" tab in the upper tool bar. A new window will pop up for National Bike Registry's partner 529 Garage.


From the 529 Garage Page you will be able to register your bike, look up information for a bike you are interested in purchasing, report a lost bike, and/or report a found bike. 


To report your bike lost or stolen, with the Kersey Police Department, please call (970) 353-1681 to speak with an officer. You will also need to provide the following information:

1. Where was the bike lost/stolen from?

2. When was the bike lost/stolen, day and time?

3. The serial number of the bike lost/stolen.

4. A detailed description of the lost/stolen bike.

5. Photo's of the lost/stolen bike, if you have them. 

6. The Officer taking the report may ask for further information and/or documentation.