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Volunteer Coach and Late Registration Information

Volunteer Coach and Late Registration Information

Are you interested in coaching a youth sports team? If so, you are in the right place!

Every year our recreation program offers many different sports options for youth between pre-K and 6th grade. In order to provide our athletes with the best programming available, we count on parents and community members to lead and instruct all our groups.

Volunteer coaching a youth sports team is one of the most rewarding things you can do; being able to instruct young people in a sport you are passionate about is truly an amazing experience!

Qualification for youth sports coaching is fairly simple; we require each person to complete a volunteer application, background check and concussion training certification.

Document (1)If you are interested in coaching, please fill out the attached Volunteer Coach Application; the form will automatically be sent to us and from there you will receive an email to fill our the Background Check and a link to complete the online Concussion Training Certification.

As a "thank you" for helping with our programming, Kersey Recreation offers one no-cost sports registration for each season coached. The registrations are available to coaches after the coached season is complete. Please contact Brandon Unruh bunruh@kerseygov.com to redeem your voucher.

Thank you for taking time to help us with our program; we value our volunteers tremendously!

Practice and Game Information

Tri-Valley "Little Ballers"      
  2x per week (Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs)

K-2 Grade Basketball, U6 and U8 Soccer, K-2 Grade Flag Football, 6U T-Ball, and 8U Coach-Pitch Baseball Games 1x per week hosted in Kersey, Platteville, or La Salle

  1 hour duration    
  School facilities are used for court sports, Centennial Park (Kersey) is used for field sports.    
North Valley Athletic Assoc. 2x per week (Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs)

K-2, 3-4, and 5-6 Volleyball3-4 and 5-6 Soccer3, 4, 5, 6 Basketball

Games 1x per week hosted by the various chapters of the NVAA including Eaton, Kersey, La Salle, Evans, and others in the area.
  1 hour durations    
School facilities are used for court sports, Centennial Park (Kersey) is used for field sports.
Greeley-Evans Youth League 2x per week (Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs)

Youth Baseball, Girls' Softball

All games are hosted at the Greeley-Evans Youth Complex; game schedule is dependent on the number of teams
  1 hour duration    
  Practices held at clay field off of 5th St. in Kersey    
Little Kicks 1x per week (Wednesday evenings) 

4-5 y.o. Soccer Program

No games; season ends with scrimmage vs. other Little Kicks team(s)
  45-60 minute duration    
  All practices held at Centennial Park (Kersey)    


Kersey Community Experience 
Recreation Sports Late Registration Policy

  1. Introduction
Late registrations for our recreation sport programs have presented challenges in maintaining organization and efficiency. As the sole manager of these sports, it is crucial to establish a clear policy regarding late registrations to ensure the smooth operation of our programs and to provide fair play opportunities for all participants.


  1. Impact of Late Registrations
  • Late registrations significantly affect the following aspects of our recreation sport programs:
    Scheduling: Late registrations delay the process of creating schedules and rosters, leading to disruptions in planning and coordination.
  • Play Time Allocation: Participants who register on time may experience reduced play time due to the need to accommodate late registrations, impacting their overall experience and enjoyment of the program.
  1.  Late Registration Policy

To address these challenges and maintain the quality and efficiency of our recreation sport programs, the following policy regarding late registrations will be implemented:

  • Deadline for Registration: A clear registration deadline will be established for each session or season of our sport programs. Any registrations received after this deadline will be considered late.
  • Limited Availability: Late registrations will be accepted on a space-available basis only. Once the maximum capacity for a program or team is reached, late registrants may be placed on a waiting list or may not be accommodated for that session or season. 
  • Impact: Participants who register late may experience limited play time or may be placed on teams with fewer opportunities for participation, depending on the availability of spaces and the progress of scheduling and rostering. Most Kersey Recreation sports are played in outside leagues, of which Kersey is a member. Teams must be reported by a deadline to facilitate a timely release of game schedules and league information. Late registrations negatively impact Kersey’s ability to report this data on time and maintain consistency with data already reported.
  • It is not the intention of Kersey Community Experience to impose late registration fees. However, a late registration fee may be necessary to help cover the additional administrative costs associated with processing late registrations and managing the impact on scheduling and rosters. 

Decisions regarding rosters, practice/game schedules, and availability are the sole responsibility and are under the authority of Kersey Community Experience. Kersey Community Experience reserves the right to make decisions regarding these categories and such decisions are subject to change according to the judgment of the Director of Community Experience.

  1. Communication

This new late registration policy will be communicated clearly and prominently to all potential participants through the following channels:

Program registration materials
Website updates and announcements
Social media channels
Email communications to registered participants and stakeholders

  1. Enforcement

Enforcement of this late registration policy will be consistent and firm to ensure fairness and efficiency in the operation of our recreation sport programs. Exceptions may be made only in rare and extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of the program manager.

  1. Conclusion

The implementation of this new late registration policy aims to streamline the registration process, maintain organization and efficiency, and ensure fair play opportunities for all participants in our recreation sport programs. Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated as we work together to enhance the quality and enjoyment of our programs.