New Development

Concept Review Process
Unlike many other jurisdictions, development in Kersey is designed to be as efficient and straightforward as possible. The Town’s Planner and Town Manager typically meet with all applicants prior to the process starting to provide initial guidance and an overview of the process. Here’s the basic steps to get started!

  1. Contact the Town Planner, Danna Ortiz and request an initial development planning meeting. These meetings are typically scheduled on Tuesdays throughout the day. Either Danna or the Town Manager Stacy Brown will be in contact with you to confirm the meeting time.
  2. At the meeting, be prepared to provide a description of your proposed concept. For site plans include your type of business, number of proposed employees, number of units, etc. Your information should also include the number of all structures to be built on the site including the size, use and type of structure, and a basic analysis of the type and utility capacity needs. It would be helpful to provide this information in a written format.
  3. Following this initial meeting, guidance will be provided to help applicants with their formal submissions and next steps. Once a complete application is received, the process begins with a staff review, engineering review, legal review, and ultimately to the Planning Commission and Town Board for approval.

Additional items at the initial meeting which may be helpful include:

  1. Conceptual drawings if available, especially if drawn to scale including symbols indicating true north.
  2. Clearly indicate the address of the property, a legal description if available (including the township, range, section, lot, block, and subdivision. A map indicating your project location on a larger vicinity map may be helpful.
  3. The names and contact information for the applicant or firm providing the drawings.
  4. If known, the approximate building height, location of parking facilities, landscaping, proposed building facade materials, and orientation of the structure on the lot.
  5. Distances from the proposed and existing structures to all property lines.
  6. The location and dimensions of all proposed and existing easements, right-of-ways, access points, paved areas, structures and their uses, water facilities, sewer and storm drainage.
Please know Town Staff will keep all development review as confidential as practicable and allowed by law. Your project information will only be shared publicly during those steps involving the Planning Commission or Town Board. We look forward to working with you!