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Park Bench Donation Policy
This policy has been established to ensure appropriate guidelines are provided to help preserve our Town parks. To protect park resources, values, and the park visitor experience, bench donations shall fully respect the Park Bench Donation Plan, as well as the priorities, purpose, and integrity of the Town parks. Park bench donations shall contribute to the park visitor experience and preserve the visual character of the park setting.

Types of Bench Donations: 
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In 2017, the Town Board authorized an initial purchase of ten identical benches suitable for installation in the Kersey park system. The selected benches are constructed of durable, weather resistant materials which will require little maintenance and generally fit the style and development of the Kersey parks. The benches are intended to accept a small plaque identifying an individual honoree or a family. The Town of Kersey Park Bench Donation Form (tab to the right with the heart) must be completed.

Criteria for a Memorial Bench:

Only individuals or families may be honored with a memorial bench. Organizations and groups will not be considered.


All memorial benches and their improvements are the property of the Town of Kersey. The donation term for a bench and/or a plaque is 10 years or the useful life of the bench, whichever comes first. At the end of the donation term, the Town may remove the bench and if available, offer the original donor an opportunity to replace the bench and plaque. The family may request to have the original plaque returned to them by contacting:

Town of Kersey

Attn: Parks and Recreation

P.O. Box 657

Kersey, CO 80644

To the extent practicable, a postcard may be sent to the Donor at the end of the donation term to ascertain whether the donor would like the plaque returned. If in acceptable condition, the Town may extend the term of the donation.


The Town staff will accept requests for park bench installation locations but will have the ultimate authority to approve, move, remove any benches donated to the Town.  Some sites may be deemed inappropriate for memorial benches.

Bench Style: 

Once the donation has been received and approved, the Town will purchase, provide, and install the bench, which will be of a style consistent with the Kersey parks system, as determined by staff. All benches will meet the standards of the Town for design, durability, and construction and will be similar. Generally, the Town will purchase in advance multiple benches for allocation to donor requests. 

Bench Plaque: 
The donor will receive information regarding obtaining the memorial plaque. The donor will procure a small metal plaque on a Memorial Bench to honor the individual or family memorialized. The plaque size, font, and design specifications as well as approval of the message, will be at the discretion of the Town Manager or his/her designee. The plaque will be approximately 3” x 5”. The plaque will be securely inset or surface-mounted onto the seat back of the bench by the Town. A marker that reads “Donated by a Friend of Kersey” will identify benches donated anonymously. The term for this plaque is also ten years. Plaques will be ordered and paid for through approved vendors directly by the donor. If possible, the Town will utilize students from the Platte Valley High School to design and fabricate plaques used for this Please review examples of fonts here.  

Installation of Bench: 

The Town shall be responsible for bench installation.

Longevity of Bench: 

Park benches in outdoor settings have a reasonable life span of about 10 years. The Town will provide for normal maintenance and repair of the bench during its useful life. If bench removal is required, due to deterioration or severe vandalism, the Town is not responsible for replacement of the bench. The plaque will either be installed on another bench or returned to the Donor. Additionally, the Town reserves the right to relocate the bench if unforeseen circumstances arise due to its location or setting.

Cost of the Bench: 

The Donor is responsible for all costs associated with the bench donation. The donation amount includes the cost of the bench (inclusive of tax and shipping), the cost of installation, and the cost to have the plaque produced (established and paid directly to the vendor). The initial cost estimates (subject to change without notice) are as follows:

Bench and installation: $823.25 (includes mounting brackets)

Plaque: determined by vendor

The Town is not seeking revenue from the sale and installation of memorial benches but rather to be made whole from the actual costs of procurement and installation. Costs in excess of the estimates provided will be the responsibility of the donor. All costs of the bench and installation must be paid before installation occurs.  

Acceptance of the Donation: 

The Town Manager or his/her designee must approve the donation and plaque.

Document (3)Approval Process: 

The Town Manager or his/her designee has the responsibility to review park bench donation applications and the authority to deny those that it determines would be inappropriate and/or that would predictably attract vandalism. Decisions by the Town Manager to deny a bench donation application may be appealed to the Kersey Town Board. Memorial bench donation requests will be processed in the order received.

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Congratulations on the purchase of your “In Memory of" bench, we hope it represents your loved one in the way you want it to. The PVHS B.O.S.S. program is working with the Town of Kersey to engrave the name plates. Please call (970) 336-8721 to start the name plate engraving process.