Town of Kersey Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you need a building permit for a hot water heater?
Yes. Anytime you are doing anything with plumbing or electrical you are required to get a permit, as there will be an inspection done that you will need to have signed off on. 
Does the town require a fence permit?
Yes. The Municipal Code does list specific materials allowed to build fences and a drawing is required to make sure you are staying within your property lines and setbacks. 
Does the town require dog licenses?
Yes. You are required to fill out the pet license form and provide proof of rabies vaccinations to obtain a dog license. They are good for the calendar year.
Is there a Notary at Town Hall?
Yes there is. We offer free notary services to Town of Kersey residents. 
Are there any watering restrictions?
Not at this time, however, that can change at any time if there is a water shortage. We will give notice if restrictions would go into effect. At this time we ask that you do not water during the hot part of the day. 
What happens after I buy a house in Kersey?
The title company you worked with will usually transfer utilities, which include water, storm water, sewer and trash. 
What if I need another trash tote?
You can call Town Hall, 970-353-1681, and request an additional tote.

Doing business in Kersey

What do I need to do if I am a door to door salesperson?
You will need to come into Town Hall to get a solicitor permit. Town Hall is located at: 446 1st St.
What do I need to do to conduct business in Kersey?
A business license is required for all business owners/operators within the Town of Kersey. You will need to fill out the business and sales tax license form to begin conducting business.

Municipal Court

When is Kersey Municipal Court?
Kersey court is held the second Thursday of every month starting at 1:00pm and is located at Kersey Town Hall (446 1st St. Kersey, CO 80644).
Am I required to attend court?

No, you're not required to attend if you have been issued a "PENALTY ASSESSMENT" citation. If there is a fine amount listed on your citation, you may pay the fine and your attendance in court is not required.

Yes, you are required to attend court if you have been issues a "SUMMONS" citation. In this case, no fine amount will be indicated on the citation and your attendance in court is required.

What if I cannot make my court date?

Kersey Municipal Court will grant a one-time courtesy continuance to the next available court date.

Please send your request for continuance to In your request please include your full name, citation number, state your request for continuation, and a statement that you understand you are waiving your right to a speedy trial.

What if I need a payment plan?
If you are seeking a payment arrangement or payment plan, you must appear in court on your arraignment date the enter the request for a payment arrangement with the Judge. Judge Emil is the only Kersey Municipal Court personnel authorized to grant such requests. 
Can I get a point reduction?

Kersey Municipal Court offers the original plea deal as stated on your citation for penalty assessments.  If payment is made on the citation- in full- within 20 days of receiving the ticket, you shall receive a point reduction.

If you are requesting to make a plea for further reduction of points through Traffic School or Useful Public Service, you must appear in court on your arraignment date to petition your plea with the Town Prosecutor and the Judge. These requests are judged on a case by case basis, there is no guarantee your request or plea will be accepted.

Can I pay my court fines online?
Yes. You can pay your court fines through the Xpress Bill Pay portal

Planning Department

Police Department

Can I pay ticket online?
Yes. You may pay your ticket online through Xpress Bill Pay portal.
Can the Kersey police provide a VIN inspection?
Yes, we do VIN inspections for free for community residents and for $15 for non-residents, please bring any official paperwork with the VIN:
  • Bill of sale
  • Insurance card
  • Previous registration
  • The title
  • Etc.
Find more information on the VIN verification page.
Does the Kersey Police Department do fingerprinting?
No, the Kersey police department no longer does fingerprinting. 
What if I need to talk to an officer?
Call Weld County Communications (970) 350-9600 to be routed to the next available Officer, in the proper agency.
How do I know if there is a sex offender in my neighborhood or on my street?
You can find that information in the sex offender registry

Public Works