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Intersection Construction on 1st and Campbell Streets Completed

Intersection Construction on 1st and Campbell Streets Completed

Enhancing Safety: The Value of Crosswalk Improvements and Drainage Upgrades on 1st Street

Last summer, the Town of Kersey was awarded a grant through the Revitalizing Main Streets program administered by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). According to the program’s website, it aims to “[enhance] active transportation safety and [strengthen] the connection of people to main streets and central economic hubs. The program encourages physical activity and enhances local economic vitality in towns and cities across Colorado through funding infrastructure improvements to make walking and biking easy, yielding long-term benefits that bolster community connections.”  Facilitating safe and efficient multimodal transportation is a priority of the Town and our plans for 1st Street aligned with CDOT’s goals.

Our recent initiative aimed at improving crosswalk safety and drainage infrastructure. The project involved the installation of bulb-outs, high-visibility crosswalk markings, and the revamping of sidewalks. These changes purposefully narrow the road at the location of the crosswalks. In addition to the narrowing of 1st Street at these intersections, the project involves several different “traffic-calming measures;”  studies have consistently shown that pedestrian-oriented enhancements like bulb-outs and high-visibility crosswalk markings play a pivotal role in mitigating road accidents and fostering a safer environment for all road users.By extending the sidewalk area into the street, bulb-outs not only shorten the distance pedestrians need to traverse but also enhance visibility, making them more conspicuous to drivers. This is particularly crucial at intersections where the risk of pedestrian accidents is high. These markings not only enhance safety but also contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing streetscape.

In similar projects, municipalities conduct thorough assessments to ensure that roadways remain navigable for all types of vehicles while accommodating pedestrian infrastructure improvements. In the case of Kersey’s pedestrian improvements, meticulous planning and design have ensured that intersections remain adequately wide to accommodate large trucks without compromising pedestrian safety.

Furthermore, the inclusion of drainage upgrades as part of the project represents a multifaceted approach to infrastructure enhancement. Beyond merely addressing water management issues, improved drainage systems serve to enhance pedestrian safety by reducing the likelihood of standing water, which can pose hazards to both pedestrians and motorists alike. Additionally, by mitigating flooding and erosion, these upgrades contribute to the longevity and sustainability of the town's infrastructure, ultimately saving taxpayer dollars in long-term maintenance and repair costs.

In conclusion, the recent pedestrian improvements along 1st Street, encompassing bulb-outs, high-visibility crosswalk markings, and drainage upgrades, represent the first of 5 phases that will establish Kersey’s downtown community and businesses by making the roadway easier for motorists, bikers, and pedestrians to access safely and efficiently. While concerns may arise during the implementation phase, it is imperative to recognize the broader benefits these initiatives offer, from enhanced safety to improved infrastructure resilience. By embracing such initiatives, our community can create environments that prioritize the well-being and mobility of all residents, fostering vibrant, inclusive spaces for generations to come.

For project updates and information about the Kersey Downtown Streetscape, please contact the Community Experience office, review Town Board meeting minutes and agendas, or attend Town Board meetings at Kersey Town Hall. 

All information can be accessed on the Town of Kersey website via the bid posting page. 

Sidewalk Construction

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