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New Kersey Rec Jerseys

Kersey Recreation has partnered with SCHEELS to provide new permanent, reversible jerseys to our participants.  These jerseys can be used for all Kersey Rec sports (except baseball and softball) and can be passed down or given to other children in the community when outgrown.  The partnership keep costs low for participants even as the cost for equipment and materials increase.

Team, Player, and Coach Requests

Requests regarding teammates and coaches are welcome and there is a section of the registration that encourages those who would like to play with friends or family to list them.  These requests, however, are dependent on a number of variables.  While most requests can be honored (and our desire is that they are honored), please remember there are some situations where it is not possible given the type of sport, number of registrants, preferred practice times, number of requests for the same coach, and so on.

Note: Requests are only fulfilled based on their viability.  They are NOT honored based on past teams or on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Registration Problems?

If you are having trouble finding or filling out a registration form, check out our Online Registration Guidelines for step-by-step instructions. If you need additional help, give us a call or send an email to recreation@kerseygov.com.

United Way Scholarship Information

Scholarships are provided through funds donated by United Way of Weld County, and are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants should first contact the department at recreation@kerseygov.com or 970-353-1681 ext. 5 to receive the application form.  In addition to the completed form, the applicant must submit a copy of their child's school-signed letter indicating Free/Reduced Lunch status to the Recreation Director at Town Hall (446 1st. St.) or via email. Once an application is approved, you will receive either an email indicating the approval status of the scholarship. A promocode will be generated to submit during the online registration process that will discount the approved scholarship amount. 
Scholarships available for the following programs only:

NVAA Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer

Hot Shots Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, T-Ball and Coach Pitch Baseball

Scholarships are not available for:

Little Kicks Soccer or GEYL Baseball/Softball 

Mission Statement

Kersey Recreation strives to offer a variety of sports programs and activities for youth and adults of all ages and skill levels.

Our goal is to provide quality programs and activities that promote participation, comradery, and diversity for our community.

Our mission is to promote sportsmanship, leadership, team building, and skill development by providing safe, fun, and engaging programs and activities.

Our desire is to produce responsible, caring, and equipped individuals in our community.

Contact Us

Brandon Unruh is the Town’s recreation director with 8 years of experience in education and athletics. He also has an array of other work experience that includes farming, landscaping, sales, automotive service, and management.

Brandon earned his Bachelor’s in history and coaching from Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas.  He was most recently employed by Weld Central High School teaching social studies and coaching football as a defensive coordinator and strength coach.

In his current role for the Town of Kersey, Brandon is responsible for administering recreation sports and activities, managing downtown projects, event planning, and representing Kersey Recreation in Weld County sports leagues.

In his free time, Brandon enjoys hunting, off-roading, and family activities with his wife and son. He is also actively involved in his church and various town committees.

As a member of the Kersey community for the past 5 years, Brandon has a vested interest in keeping Kersey’s recreational scene alive and vibrant.  He carries this personal passion into his role as recreation director and is excited about the future for the recreation department and the Town.

Brandon Unruh
Recreation Director
Email Brandon Unruh
Phone: 970-353-1681 ext. 5
Additional Phone: 720-713-4377

Brandon Unruh and Kaylee Damrell

Kaylee Damrell is the Community Engagement Specialist with 4 years of experience here at the Town of Kersey. Kaylee earned their Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana and since then has become a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  Since then, she has worked in a variety of different fields including healthcare and the construction industry but eventually found her way here to work in our community experience department.

In her current role at the Town of Kersey, Kaylee is responsible for all communications needs. She is the keeper of the website and all updates that come along with that as well as our Social Media channels. In addition to that she is a part of the community event planning and a fitness instructor for  town fitness classes.  

In addition to her position here, Kaylee is the head coach for the Platte Valley High School cheer team. In her free time, and mostly during the Spring and Summer months, she enjoys any activity that can be done outside. Most of all she loves taking her dogs for walks and spending time with them.

Overall, Kaylee is a talented and accomplished Community Engagement Specialist who is dedicated to recreation and community enhancement and delivering results for their team and company.

Kaylee Damrell
Community Engagement Specialist
Email Kaylee Damrell
More Information

What is the United Way Scholarship and how can I apply?
The United Way Scholarship is a fund dedicated solely to helping youth become involved in sports activities. Each year we receive a limited amount of funding to support youth registration fees. Applicants wishing to receive assistance my write in ‘UW Scholarship’ on their sport specific registration form. Successful applicants will receive partial scholarships for select sports.

Scholarships are only valid for:

  • NVAA Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer
  • Hot Shots Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, T-Ball
  • Coach Pitch Baseball
Scholarships cannot be used for

  • Community Events
  • Field Trips
  • FourStar Baseball League fees
  • Indian Peaks Girls Softball Association
  • Summer Activities
  • Swimming Lessons
Where do I register for upcoming programs?
Registration forms can be found on our website under sport specific pages (i.e. volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc.). They can also be found at the front desk of the Kersey Town Hall (hours Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).
How can I volunteer coach a youth sports team?
Please get in touch with our Director of Community Experience to complete a Background Check and Volunteer Application Form. We are always looking for more community members to help coach our programs!
Can my child play in a higher level league or age division?
Most of our leagues offer the opportunity for kids to ‘play-up’ in age division or grade level leagues. This request can be made straight to the Director of Community Experience for approval. It is the discretion of the Director to promote a child to the next level based on their particular skill or maturity level. Please note that participants cannot ‘play-down’ in age or grade levels.
How can I sponsor a team or activity?
We offer several opportunities for companies and individuals to sponsor our programs. There are options from Player Scholarships to Team, Program and Event Sponsors. Please contact the Director of Community Experience for more information. 
How do I get signed up to receive weekly emails and updates?
Send us a message we’ll add you to the list! Please be sure to include your full name and a phone number. Updates are sent out at least once a week for program registrations, activities and community events. At any time you would like us to take you off the email list, please respond to the same email stating you would like to be removed.

Contact Recreation Department
What time commitment is involved in volunteering to coach a team?
Usually we ask for 3 to 5 hours a week. Most often, leagues are set up with two practice dates and one game date each week. Because most of our leagues require traveling to other communities, we factor that time in as well. You are not required to transport members of your team to sporting events. If you would like to set up a ‘carpool’ procedure with your families, you may do so, but don’t feel obligated to make that happen. Families are responsible to transport their own children to and from game locations.
Do I need to provide equipment for my team?
No. Kersey Recreation will provide the equipment necessary for you to perform your coaching duties and to use in game situations. You can, on your own accord, purchase and/or use your own equipment during practice and game situations. We ask that you appropriately mark your equipment so as not to confuse ownership.
Are you allowed to reserve the parks?
Yes. There is a fee and a damage deposit required when filling out the reservation form. Please keep in mind that when renting the park you are only reserving the picnic pavilions, not the entire park.
Does the Town rent out the Community Center?
Yes, there is a fee and damage deposit required. A form needs to be filled out at Town Hall.